We Do Nets Too!

Integrated vector control for malaria, according to the WHO Guidelines for Malaria Vector Control, requires “rational decision-making for the optimal use of resources for vector control”.  For the U.S. President’s Initiative (PMI) VectorLink Project, it involves making vector control decisions—whether to deploy IRS or ITNs—based on epidemiological, entomological, and cost data to ensure the most vulnerable communities are protected from the burden of malaria. With the rise in mosquitoes’ resistance to certain insecticides, it is important to consider a country’s specific vector control profile – its history with IRS and ITN interventions, and the malaria vector’s resistance to each type of insecticide – when making these decisions.

Hover over the map below for a snapshot of our indoor residual spray, insecticide-treated net, and entomological monitoring activities by country.



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