U.S Congressional Visit to VectorLink Rwanda

Back in August, VectorLink Rwanda hosted a team of 5 congressional staffers during their tour of Nyagatare, a district in Rwandan’s Eastern Province where the project conducts indoor residual spraying. During their visit, the staffers toured our operational site in Rwempasha Sector – one of the 14 sectors in Nyagatare where we spray. This year, VL Rwanda has targeted 3,989 houses for spray and expects to protect over 18,000 people in Rwempasha in the next spray campaign.

At the operational site, the sector’s Executive Secretary, and Head of Social Affairs welcomed the congressional staffers and showed them how the site is maintained. JB Rwakimari explained VL Rwanda’s method for stocking, labeling, and organizing insecticide, as well as how the team keeps track of insecticide use during IRS campaigns. The congressional staffers also had the chance to visit VL Rwanda’s Spray Operators and observe them in action during their live-fire training. Staffers interacted with the Spray Operators, asking them questions about their work and shared their appreciation for the important job the team is doing to eradicate malaria in Rwanda. 

Towards the end of their visit, staffers were able to meet and speak with a family who has benefitted from VL Rwanda’s IRS campaigns. Venant Muyentwari, his wife Jacqueline, and their three children gave a warm welcome to their US visitors and thanked PMI and the American people for helping the Rwandan government fight malaria to keep them healthy and happy. Since IRS began in their community, Venant’s family hasn’t experienced a malaria case in 4 years! The money they used to spend on medical expenses is now being put towards paying school fees for their children. They were also able to buy a cow and furnish their home!

Congratulations VL Rwanda for being great hosts and demonstrating the important work we do in fight malaria!