Bumping Up Mozambique’s Capacity to Deliver IRS

Congrats to VectorLink Mozambique for not only growing the Fist Bump Craze (see photo!) but for building local capacity in the safe, effective, and efficient delivery of IRS. Recently, VL Mozambique provided hands-on technical support to the NMCP in Nampula Province where IRS is implemented by the Nampula Provincial Health Directorate (DPS).  PMI has been helping to improve the planning and implementation of IRS in Mozambique since 2017 when assistance included environmental compliance pre-spray assessments and post-IRS waste management.

In 2018 and 2019, VL Mozambique expanded that support to include pre-spray preparation for IRS and IRS waste management; training of trainers (TOT) & storekeepers and entomological monitoring. The recent training focused on environmental compliance, warehouse, and stock management, and spray techniques, including field simulation. Fifty-two participants from the DPS; District Services for Health, Women and Social Welfare (SDSMAS); Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER); Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MASA); IRS managers and supervisors. TOTs will in turn train IRS implementers in the eight IRS target district in Nampula.

NMCP IRS Focal Point Ines Juleca Antonio said she looks forward to higher quality spraying which will, in turn, translate to better protection for the population against malaria. 

Way to go, VL Mozambique, for assisting the country along the journey to self-reliance in vector control.