Engaging Women in Vector Control

Engaging Women in Vector Control – Virtual Keystone Symposia.

On October 1, 2019, The PMI VectorLink Project participated in a live virtual event in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, covering the topic of Engaging Women in Vector Control. The event highlighted the Accelerate to Equal Initiative, which strives to understand and overcome the barriers to women’s engagement in public health efforts.

Two of our local gender focal points, Zeddy C. Bore– PMI VectorLink, Kenya and Helen Amegbletor – PMI VectorLink, Ghana, participated in the session and shared their experience leveraging women’s roles as leaders within their families and communities to more effectively and sustainably fight against malaria. Here is a snapshot of the session:

What strategies are used to secure women’s positions at PMI after taking maternity leave? 

ZB & HA: The PMI VectorLink Project has a well-documented policy regarding women due for maternity leave. While away on maternity leave, their positions are only temporarily filled by another staff member on the project. She will return to take up her role after her leave period is over. Should it become necessary for her to travel outside the work station for an overnight stay, she is allowed to go along with a nanny who can take care of her child while she is out in the field undertaking the activity. The nanny and baby-related travel and lodging costs are paid for by the project. This is to help encourage the breastfeeding of children up to 24 months and mother-child bonding is not affected.

To read more and to view the session recording, visit: Extending the Conversation | Engaging Women in Vector Control.