VectorLink DRC and the Country’s First Vector Control Working Group

This Fist Bump goes out to VectorLink DRC who recently established the country’s first vector control working group, “Groupe de Travail Lutte Anti-Vectorielle (GTLAV),” where all of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) malaria control stakeholders are set to reverse current trends in malaria transmission. The GTLAV will advise the implementing programs like VectorLink to implement evidence-based and efficient tools to reduce malaria mortality and morbidity in line with the goals outlined in DRC’s National Strategic Plan (NSP).

According to the Director of DRC’s NMCP, The PMI VectorLink project is a great opportunity to strengthen vector control in the DRC. Through the leadership of its COP, Dr. Rodrigue Agossa, VectorLink DRC financially and technically supported the NMCP to set up and hold the first meeting of GTLAV at Carita Congo on August 19, 2019. This is a multi-sectoral group composed of NMCP actors, ministries of health, agriculture, environment and hygiene and plant protection, directorates of disease and pharmacy, universities, research institutions, civil society, mining companies, and technical partners.

VectorLink, together with the NMCP and the School of Public Health of the University of Kinshasa, ensure the secretary in the GTLAV coordination team. With the support of the PMI mission, USAID and national authorities at various levels, The PMI VectorLink Project will continue to contribute to the durability and functionality of GTLAV and will accompany the NMCP in the meeting of the great malaria control challenges in the DRC.