Stepping Up for SEAs

This week’s Fist Bump goes out to Sana Dieng Diop, VectorLink’s Regional Environmental Compliance (EC) Manager for her herculean efforts to complete two Supplemental Environmental Assessments (SEAs) back to back.

Under USAID regulations, each IRS country requires an approved SEA. Valid for five years, the SEA is an extensive analysis of the country’s environmental, legal, infrastructure, and human conditions and resources applicable to performing IRS. The preparation of the SEA requires STTA to the country to gather relevant information and to meet with stakeholders for discussion and coordination. The process starts five months in advance of spray to allow time for the USAID/PMI approval processes.

In 2020, Benin’s SEA was expiring and needed to be updated while Cote d’Ivoire, as a new IRS country, required a first-time SEA. unfortunately, the two countries’ spray schedules are back-to-back, so the SEA preparation for both had to happen at nearly the same time. Adding to the challenge, Benin’s spray schedule was moved up by a month and a new template for SEAs was being rolled out by USAID. Thus, Sana had to develop two different documents almost simultaneously and on an advanced timetable – a phenomenal effort indeed! Despite the challenges, Sana delivered the documents on time and responded to PMI’s and USAID’s comments and edits “at lightning speed”, as our client described it, all the while keeping up with her other responsibilities.