World Malaria Day 2020

Our Commitment to Saving Lives

April 25th is World Malaria Day, and while the global community responds to the COVID-19 pandemic brought on by the novel coronavirus, it is vital that the vector control community continues its commitment to fighting malaria. The interventions used to combat malaria also help strengthen countries’ capacity to respond to other health threats and public health emergencies, like COVID-19. 

With support from the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), The PMI VectorLink Project continues to deploy life-saving interventions, like insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor residual spraying, to help reduce the overall strain on health systems by keeping the most vulnerable people malaria-free.
As we know, malaria disproportionately affects the poor – particularly pregnant women and children under five years of age across sub-Saharan Africa – and traps families in a cycle of disease and poverty.
In 2019, the PMI VectorLink Project:

  • Sprayed 5.5 million structures with an insecticide that kills the malaria-carrying mosquito
  • Helped distribute over 7 million insecticide-treated bed nets
  • Protected 20.1 million people from malaria including over 584,000 women and 3.3 million children under five years of age

The PMI VectoLink Project conducts indoor residual spraying to help kill malaria-carrying mosquitos – here’s how it works!