Training for IRS in the Age of Covid-19

This week’s Fist Bump Friday goes to VectorLink Senegal as they prepare and train for the start of their IRS spray campaign scheduled for May 28th in Kedougou and Makacolibantang (two districts which have never been sprayed), while adhering to PMI and WHO guidelines around COVID-19 to keep all participants safe and reduce the risk of spread of disease.

VectorLink Senegal worked with the home office to accommodate for COVID-19 travel restrictions by replacing the IRS Boot Camp with a virtual Master Training, held April 23-25th. Several members of the country team participated in this three-day training on IRS operations, led virtually by Allan Ware. Sana Diop and Abdoulaye Bangoura also led virtual training sessions on environmental compliance and M&E, respectively. Kudos to Allan, Sana, and Abdoulaye as well!

Those trained facilitated the Training of Trainers (TOT) held this week. The TOT was held over 5 days from April 27-May 1st in Tambacounda District. A total of 30 staff participated in the training – this group was split into three groups of 10 and each trained in a different classroom. Each participant was separated by 6 feet or more. There is a handwashing station at the front of each classroom where participants must wash their hands before entering. Participants are also getting their temperature tested daily to ensure no one has a fever. All participants and trainers were provided with locally procured masks at a ratio of one mask/day. The team set-up a rotating training agenda so that trainers can rotate among the three classrooms. Training materials included modules on COVID-19 response and best practices. All practical training is also being done with space of greater than 6 feet in between participants as well.

Congratulations, VL Senegal, and good luck with your campaign!