A Team Player You Can Count On!

A big shout out to Solomon Wasse, VectorLink Ethiopia’s Operations Manager, for his recent presentation on the Vector LearningXChange webinar “Mapping 101: How Geospatial Data Improves Planning and Implementation in Vector Control.”

Solomon shared VL Ethiopia’s experience with using satellite image maps to ensure all individual structures in the kebeles (villages) were identified and counted to provide an accurate benchmark for the 2019 campaign. Using maps, in conjunction with ground-truthing, enhanced VectorLink Ethiopia’s ability to find structures. In addition to providing structure numbers, the enumeration results indicated locations/pockets that should be visited and sprayed by the district IRS team.

More than 85 people attended the webinar with a robust discussion that followed. If you missed the webinar, you can listen to it here.

Congratulations, Solomon, on a job well done!! Your efforts outside your normal day-to-day job are much appreciated and contribute to our entire team’s learning.