VL Mali Moves Forward with IRS Campaign

This week’s Fist Bump goes to VectorLink Mali for the launch of their 2020 IRS campaign on Monday, June 15th, in Bandiagara and Djenne districts. VL Mali has gone above and beyond to ensure the most vulnerable are protected from malaria in one of the world’s most challenging regions, which faces high-security risks.

The Mali team was able to complete all site preparation and training activities on time and in compliance with the recommended preventative measures to protect participants from COVID-19 transmission.

Despite severe international supply chain disruptions — including delays to the Fludora Fusion delivery, which forced the postponement of the campaign in Mopti District — the VL Mali team was able to move forward with the campaign.

This was made possible thanks to the extremely strong relationships the Mali team has cultivated with the regional, district, and health area authorities, allowing them to collectively make appropriate operational decisions in good faith. A special shout out to the four district coordinators in the Mopti region who have fostered these relationships over the past several years, since the PMI began conducting IRS in Mopti region in 2017.

Congratulations, VL Mali! Good luck with the remainder of the campaign.