PMI VectorLink Photos Place in Abt 2020 Photo Contest

Bezhan Muradi Wins 2nd and 3rd Place

PMI VectorLink Project Operations Analyst Bezhan Muradi won 2nd and 3rd place in the Abt Associates 2020 Photo Contest. With four photos among the top ten finalists, Bezhan was a clear winner and helped to further highlight the wonderful work PMI VectorLink is carrying out every day to reduce the burden of malaria. All four photos come from his trip to Tanzania where VectorLink conducts IRS and supports broad access to ITNs at health facilities and through mass campaigns and school-based distribution. Congratulations to Bezhan!

VL Tanzania spray operators fist bumping village kids after completion of our spray operations. 2nd Place Winner.


A spray operator in Tanzania is leaving the operation site after early morning mobilization. 3rd Place Winner.
A student in Sengerema District of Mwanza region, Tanzania, reads instructions on how to use and clean her bed net after receiving her ITN at school. Top 10 Photo Finalist.
These students show their joy in receiving their ITNs. Top 10 Photo Finalist.