In the Driver’s Seat

This week’s Fist Bump Friday goes out to all the drivers on the VL Project. (Please pass this email along to the drivers in your country if they don’t receive this email.) VectorLink’s drivers not only ensure that staff get to where they need to be, safely and on time, but they often work long hours, navigating difficult terrain. It’s not an exaggeration to say our jobs would not be possible without them. During times of COVID-19, they’ve remained essential to project implementation.

Unlike many projects, VL’s drivers frequently go beyond their normal call of duty, supporting project staff in a myriad of tasks. For example, in Cote d’Ivoire drivers have been trained and subsequently trained others in pump maintenance and how to construct a mobile soak pit. And in Sierre Leone, driver Sumaila Moseray has been assisting with entomological work since last year and has even been recognized for his work. In the photo, Sumaila (foreground in photo) can be seen labeling mosquitoes.

Thanks to all the drivers out there for all the work you do! Kudos for a great job at keeping PMI VectorLink running.