VL Zimbabwe Got the Jab!

This week’s Fist Bump goes out to VL Zimbabwe for their success in getting all 12 team members vaccinated against COVID-19, with most of the team receiving either the SINOVAC or SINOPHARM vaccine. With widespread rumors circulating around the world about the vaccine, this accomplishment really shows VL Zimbabwe’s commitment to protecting public health.

Like many countries, Zimbabwe has faced vaccination supply challenges and false rumors about the vaccines, such as that it will put a chip in your body or change your DNA. VL Zimbabwe said goodbye to the rumors and hello to the vaccine. Initial doses for the team began in April with the second doses completed this week. To get the vaccine, some VL team members traveled to other provinces while others stood in long lines at large city hospitals to receive their second doses.  

For the past several months, VL Zimbabwe COP Carmen Vilanova de Denys motivated the staff to get the vaccine every Monday during the staff meeting and encouraged them to get their families vaccinated.  She reminded them that while the vaccine may not completely prevent you from getting the virus, the vaccine will minimize symptoms and reduce the likelihood of serious illness, hospitalization, and death. At the weekly meeting, staff are given a brief summary of the COVID situation in country.

Staff continue to follow preventive measures like wearing a mask, frequent handwashing, use of hand sanitizers, and maintaining proper social distancing.  In the photos, we can see some of the team members showing off their vaccination cards and how happy they are about it.

Congratulations, VL Zimbabwe!

Has your entire country team been vaccinated? If so, let me know so we can recognize your team as well.