Indoor Residual Spray Operations Calendar

The PMI VectorLink Project will conduct indoor residual spraying operations in fourteen countries in 2018.

Spray Calendar 2018

Country Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec Expected Start Date Length (operational days)
Benin X X Apr 30 and May 10 22 days
Burkina Faso X 4-Jun 30 days
Ethiopia  X X X 21 May
30 days per district (44 districts)
Ghana X X 24-Apr 30 days
Kenya X X 12-Feb 36 days
Madagascar X  X X X Jul 23 South East (Farafangana, Vohipeno, Mananjary, Manakara): July 23 – August 18

East (Tamatave, Fenerive Est and Brickaville): Sept 3 -Sept 29

South West (Tulear II and Sakahara): Sept 17 – Oct 13

Malawi*  X  X  Oct 2  TBD
Mali X X Jul 9 Up to 35 days per district (4 districts)
Mozambique X X Oct 15 35 days
Rwanda X X Sep 10 20 days
Tanzania X X X X X Oct 24


January 2019


Kagera, Kigoma, Mwanza, Geita, 27 days


Zanzibar, 20 days

Uganda X X X X April 9 and June 11 30 days (in each district)
Zambia  X X X Oct 15 30
Zimbabwe X X Oct 29 30 days