Monitoring and Evaluation

Strong Systems Ensure High Quality Data, Improve Monitoring & Evaluation

The PMI VectorLink Project employs a strong monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system to ensure high quality data, guiding and strengthening the operations of PMI’s multifaceted IRS campaigns. PMI VectorLink collects data from millions of people across 17 countries in Africa. Project data provides evidence of the impact in terms of beneficiaries protected and local people trained. Spray operators and team leaders record this information on paper by hand in the field. But data errors, such as missing figures and arithmetic errors, limit the quality of the data; consequently, supervisors spend considerable time correcting these mistakes.

The project uses M&E tools to help country staff identify and correct common errors that occur during field data collection and data entry. PMI VectorLink also conducts an internal post-spray audit to verify the quality of campaign data reported. These M&E tools generate high-quality data and present PMI with an accurate reflection of IRS campaign results, which are used for program decision-making and planning.

New Data Collection & Entry Forms

PMI VectorLink’s M&E tools help staff spot common data collection errors, verify the data after it has been collected, and clean entered data.

  1. The M&E Error Eliminator form verifies that each data point was recorded accurately. Before leaving the field every day, team leaders systematically check data collection forms with the M&E Error Eliminator. If they see that data are written incorrectly, they notify the spray operator and he or she then returns to the household to get the correct information.
  2. The M&E Data Collection Verification Form enables the M&E supervisor to spot check data recorded by spray operators after they spray homes. During the supervisor’s visit, s/ he interviews residents and records information provided by the household on the Data Collection Verification Form and compares it to data collected by spray operators. The Data Collection Verification Form helps the M&E team ensure accuracy and allows the team to periodically audit sprayed villages during the campaign. With this tool, project staff can correct mistakes with spray operator data in real-time, reducing the likelihood of repeated errors.
  3. The Database Cleaner is used by data clerks to identify and correct data that was incorrectly keyed into the database. The database is equipped with automated logic checks that prevent data clerks from entering illogical data. Once data are entered, data clerks use the Database Cleaner to identify data inconsistency and correct these through comparison with the paper form. The Database Cleaner serves as one of the last steps in a series of quality checks before data are ready for analysis.

Post-Spray Data Quality Assurance Audit

After the IRS campaign is completed, PMI VectorLink conducts an internal data audit using the Post-Spray Data Quality Assurance Audit (PSDQA) protocol. This “self-check” is an innovative and transparent data quality assurance measure that is an integral part of the project’s M&E system. After the spray campaign ends, PMI VectorLink partners with local government supervisors to survey a representative sample of IRS targeted areas in order to validate the spray coverage. Additionally, the audit allows the field teams to identify strengths and weaknesses in their operations and M&E systems and implement the appropriate changes to improve performance during the next spray round.