In its first year of implementation, PMI VectorLink Columbia plans to conduct a study to examine the relative efficacy of insecticide-treated net (ITN) distribution versus indoor residual spraying (IRS) in reducing the malaria vectors in the region. The Ministry of Health will be implementing IRS and ITN distribution campaigns in-country starting in January 2021. VectorLink will establish baseline entomology data collection prior to these interventions and conduct ongoing monthly data collection after these interventions. Study areas will be receiving either IRS or ITN interventions so that we can compare the efficacy of each.

Starting October 2020, the VectorLink Columbia team will begin activities in Guapi and Timbiquí, prioritizing interviewing staff for seasonal hires to conduct the entomology data collection activities, getting quotes from local vendors to get the necessary equipment for local procurement and to begin insectary refurbishment, and getting the foundation set for training of seasonal staff in October and for the commencement of baseline data collection in November.