Mobile Data Collection for Rapid Decision Making

PMI VectorLink Burkina Faso is our first IRS country to pilot and implement mobile data collection by the Spray Operator at the household level. 547 Spray Operators collected IRS data on tablets across all the VL Burkina Faso spray districts! The Burkina Faso M&E team worked for months with NMCP and District Health Officials to design the data collection tool.

M&E Manager Asseta Sigue and Database Manager Jean Dieudonne Damiba developed the new training tool, working with former SOPs to improve its usability, and then trained Supervisors how to use it. 

Asseta Sigue (right) works with a former SOP on how to fill in the tablet.


The mobile data collection enabled the M&E team to quickly inform the Operations team and Supervisors in the field on spray progress, coverage, and reasons for non-spray cases. In turn, those in the field could make rapid decisions to correct course. Congratulations to the team on a job well done!