Malaria is endemic and transmission occurs year-round in all parts of Ghana. The entire population is at risk of malaria infection; however, transmission is markedly less intense in large urban centers compared to rural areas. IRS is a component of Ghana’s current National Malaria Control Strategy and Ghana’s Strategic Plan for Malaria Control 2014-2020. Ghana began implementing IRS with the support of PMI in 2008.

In the nine districts targeted in 2019, VL Ghana will aim to spray more than 300,000 structures and protect over 900,000 people projected to be at risk.

The project is also working with NMCP to strengthen continuous distribution of ITNs through routine health services, strengthening ITN coordination activities at the national level and conducting net durability studies.


Click here to see how PMI VectorLink Ghana recycles and repurposes materials from their indoor residual spraying campaign. 



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