Malaria is considered the most important public health problem in Mozambique where it accounts for nearly one third of all deaths and 42 percent of deaths in children less than five years old. Although malaria prevalence has decreased in all provinces, the country continues to face challenges that have slowed the progress of key malaria prevention and treatment interventions. PMI-supported activities include: support for the national IRS program; free routine ITN distributions to pregnant women and to children; procurement and distribution of rapid diagnostic tests to all levels of the health system; provision of intermittent preventive treatment of pregnant women; and revitalization of the community health worker program.

In Mozambique, the PMI VectorLink Project will implement IRS implementation in seven districts in Zambezia Province, introduce a new insecticide in four selected districts, provide direct support for entomological monitoring activities in Zambezia and Nampula Provinces as well as for the national government entomological program, and provide specific support to the national government IRS program.

The key goals and objectives of 2018 activities are as follows:

  • Achieve at least 85% spray coverage of targeted structures in the seven districts.
  • Support the national and provincial government in entomological monitoring and IRS capacity building.
  • Carry out a logistics assessment in all districts, and arrange all international and local procurement, shipping, customs clearance, timely delivery, and storage of spray pumps, spare parts, insecticide, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Conduct an environmental compliance desk review to inform the new insecticide use proposed for 2018.
  • Ensure safe and correct insecticide application, thus minimizing human and environmental exposure to IRS insecticides, in compliance with the Safer Use Action Plan in the approved 2015 Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA).
  • Lead community mobilization, education, and communication (IEC) and behavior change communication (BCC) sensitization and mobilization activities to increase community awareness and acceptance of IRS.
  • Conduct routine entomological monitoring in all spray sites, including assessing malaria vector density and species composition in intervention areas; establishing vector feeding time and location; monitoring the quality of insecticide application and insecticide decay rates; and assessing vector susceptibility and mechanisms of resistance.
  • Complete the set-up of a replacement insectary in Zambezia and provide technical support for the Nampula insectary.
  • Support the national government IRS program through national training of trainers (TOT) for non-PMI IRS provinces.
  • Increase support for environmental compliance, social behavioral communication change (SBCC), and stock management for IRS implementation in Nampula Province.
  • Promote cost efficiency through due diligence and efficiency of operations.

The national government will conduct IRS in Maputo City and Nampula Provinces. Goodbye Malaria will spray Maputo Province, and the NMCP will spray Nampula. VectorLink will provide technical support only to Nampula Province.

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