The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) has a long history of combating malaria in Zimbabwe through indoor residual spraying (IRS), dating back to August 2011. With support from PMI, The PMI VectorLink Project supports and implements vector control activities in Zimbabwe to prevent the spread of malaria. In the project’s first year of implementation (2017), PMI VectorLink conducted IRS in four districts, Chimanimani, Mutare, Mutasa, and Nyanga, in Manicaland Province. With guidance from NCMP and PMI, the project has relocated its operations to Mashonaland East Province to spray the high malaria-burdened Mudzi and Mutoko Districts during the second year of implementation. The change in location was supported by NMCP and is also in line with the country’s Insecticide Resistance Management Plan (IRMP). 

In 2020, the PMI VectorLink Zimbabwe project will work with the NMCP, provincial and district health officials to spray 149,470 targeted structures in Mudzi and Mutoko districts using an insecticide that is a mixture of clothianidin and deltamethrin (Fludora Fusion).

The project’s primary objective is to spray a minimum coverage of 85 percent of the structures found in each district by implementing high-quality IRS operations. In order to maintain gains accomplished and sustain best practices in four districts of Manicaland Province (Nyanga, Mutasa, Mutare, and Chimanimani) the project will continue to provide technical support to the NMCP’s Manicaland 2020 IRS campaign.

In addition to spraying, in year three the project will carry out the following activities in Mashonaland East:

  • Build capacity at the national, regional, district, and local levels to manage IRS operations, including planning, spraying, resource allocation, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
  • Conduct training with a focus on IRS supervision and spray techniques to improve the overall quality of spraying.
  • Validate a sample of geo-mapping data collected in 2018 to better understand discrepancies between structures identified during the geo-mapping activity and eligible structures identified by spray operators during the 2019 spray campaign.
  • Conduct regular M&E of project activities to ensure alignment with set targets and objectives.
  • Support NMCP in conducting malaria outbreak investigations in Mudzi and/or Mutoko
  • Support national, provincial and quarterly review and planning meetings
  • Mainstream gender equality and female empowerment by ensuring women’s participation in different project activities.
  • Increase involvement of youth in spray activities in the target districts. The project will sensitize youth groups in churches and encourage them to sensitize the community, in turn, about IRS.
  • Scale up the use of community mobilizers and community guides piloted during the 2019 campaign.
  • Carry out a logistics assessment in both districts, and arrange all procurement, shipping, delivery, and storage of IRS commodities.
  • Strengthen the IRS logistics and warehousing system through enhanced training and supervision.
  • Coordinate community mobilization activities in collaboration with stakeholders to raise awareness of IRS and to encourage beneficiary and stakeholder ownership.
  • Conduct insecticide resistance, wall bioassay, vector density monitoring, and other vector behavioral studies.
  • Collaborate with other implementing partners in the two districts to complement each other’s work and to avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Ensure safe and correct insecticide application, thus minimizing human and environmental exposure to IRS insecticides, in compliance with the Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan and Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA).
  • Given that a SEA was developed and approved by PMI in 2017 and will be valid until 2022, prepare a letter report for 2020.

In addition, VectorLink will maintain gains accomplished and sustain best practices in four districts of Manicaland Province (Nyanga, Mutasa, Mutare, and Chimanimani) through continued provision of technical and limited material support to the NMCP’s Manicaland 2020 IRS campaign.