The PMI VectorLink Project will work with provincial and district health officials to lead, implement, and manage the IRS campaign in four districts: two in Mashonaland East province (Mudzi and Mutoko), and two in Mashonaland Central province (Mount Darwin and Rushinga), protecting at least 85 percent of the 214,073 structures found by the NMCP.

The project will also conduct nationwide entomological monitoring and surveillance in 20 sites and supply entomological reagents to two major institutions, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and Africa University (AU) that have laboratory facilities to conduct different entomological assays.

In addition, VectorLink Zimbabwe will provide assistance to various national-level IRS campaign issues as well as environmental compliance aspects when requested. This assistance might include the following activities:

Providing technical support to shift from traditional malaria vector control to integrated vector management to optimize use of resources for vector control;

  • Participating in malaria technical working groups and committees;
  • Providing technical support for the provinces implementing malaria elimination activities;
  • Supporting the NMCP and its partners in IRS campaign and malaria control messaging;
  • Increasing local capacity to plan, implement and monitor vector control programs.