PMI VectorLink Senegal Team Expands their Expertise

The Vectorlink (VL) Senegal team made strides in building its own capacity to understand the finery of entomological monitoring! Finance & Administration Manager, Ababacar Lo; Regional Environmental Compliance Manager Sana Diop Dieng; and even the team driver, Souleymane Khouma, went out to the field for a three-day, ento-focused field exercise where they collected mosquito larvae, mosquitoes for Pyrethroid Spray Catches (PSC), and filled out mosquito collection sheets.

This was all done in an effort to help orient staff who did not have a strict entomology background to help them better understand entomological monitoring, its processes, and significance in VL Senegal’s programming. The suggestion was made by Abdoulaye Diop, Chief of Party, who thought it would be a great experience for staff to try something outside of their traditional scope of work, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the program as a whole. The field exercise was very much appreciated amongst staff as it allowed them to improve their knowledge around the different methods of mosquito collection and sampling. Next, they are off to visit the Vector and Parasite Ecology Laboratory at the University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) in Dakar!