Casting a Wider Net

Congratulations to VectorLink Malawi for the successful distribution of PBO insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) on Chauma Island, a hard-to-reach community on Lake Malawi. The team completed distribution on Monday, 30 September!  While the number of PBO ITNs distributed was small (547), the team was able to protect 1,094 people who were at high risk of contracting malaria.

The team’s decision to distribute PBO ITNs on Chauma Island and in Lupache (situated in a wetland area) was monumental and worthy of this week’s Fist Bump. The remote communities of Chauma and Lupache are located in Nkhotakota District where VectorLink Malawi conducts IRS operations. Given that the areas are hard-to-reach, VectorLink Malawi, with support from PMI Malawi, compared the financial and logistical feasibility of conducting IRS to distributing PBO ITNs in these areas.  The distribution of PBO ITNs was found to be more financially and logistically feasible. 

This is a great example of the PMI VectorLink Project’s integrated vector control decision-making and implementation—using entomological, epidemiological, and cost data to inform vector control decisions. Distribution of approximately 4,608 ITNs in Lupache is planned for October 8th. Congratulations to VectorLink Malawi!