Double Up VectorLink Zambia

“The first Fist Bump goes to VectorLink Zambia COP Nduka Iwuchukwu who led his team to successfully kick-off IRS in three provinces simultaneously, while also hosting the PMI/Zambia team and me in the field for several very packed (and early!) days. PMI recognizes the initial challenges that come during the first few days on a campaign, and we appreciate Nduka and DCOP Brian Chirwa hosting us, and also handling the initial campaign hiccups swiftly and transparently.

My second fist bump goes to Villa Nkhoma, a female SOP in Chipata District. Villa was called forward during the morning mobilization to explain the correct household/structure marking. She so clearly explained this important detail to all her peers, I just assumed she was a supervisor or team leader, and only realized after the fact she was an SOP! I would like to give a big kudos to her, for standing upfront and being a role model amongst her peers, and again to VL Zambia for highlighting strong performers of both genders.”