VL Liberia Continues Ento Monitoring with the Addition of New Elisa Machine

This Fist Bump Friday goes out to the VectorLink Liberia who is working to resume laboratory analysis with a brand new ELISA machine. This machine was purchased by the project to support the identification of sporozoites in mosquitoes collected during entomological monitoring. It was placed at the Liberia Institute of Biological Research (LIBR) who VectorLink is contracting with to conduct laboratory analysis. The training was conducted remotely by the ELISA manufacturer, BioTek, and covered:

  • Removing the cover
  • Replacing the filters and safety measures
  • Connecting the ELISA reader to the desktop computer
  • Installation of Gen5 on the desktop
  • Overview on the Gen5 functionalities

Four people participated in the training – two technicians from LIBR and two VectorLink staff. Now that this training is concluded, VL and LIBR can work together to build lab capacity skills and resume laboratory analysis of mosquito samples.