VectorLink Kenya Launches 2021 IRS Campaign in Homa Bay

This week’s Fist Bump goes out to VectoLink Kenya as they continue with their 2021 IRS campaign, launching in Homa Bay on March 10th. Fourteen sub-counties will be covered in total – six in Migori County and eight in Homa Bay County. Despite delays in international shipments, VL Kenya is successfully carrying out the campaign to protect people from malaria.

The launch in Homa Bay was kicked off with much fanfare, with PMI, Kenya’s Division of National Malaria Program (DNMP), Bayer, and VectorLink officials visiting the Homa Bay County Executive Committee, including Professor Richard Muga, who later led the launch. Professor Muga handed over a sprayer to an SOP, marking the official start of the campaign in Homa Bay county. The Deputy Governor then flagged off the campaign.

Local media was invited to the event. Though the public was not invited to the launch in Homa Bay as a COVID-19 mitigation strategy, this year’s Homa Bay launch received wide national media coverage. Congrats, VL Kenya, on getting the word out on VL’s malaria control efforts.

VL Kenya is scheduled to end in Homa Bay on April 6th. The team ended their campaign in Migori county on March 13, with a total of 210,995 eligible structures with 96.9% spray coverage. Good luck with the remainder of the 2021 IRS campaign, VL Kenya. Carry on!