New Technical Brief: Evaluating the Impact of Vector Control Interventions

Remarkable progress in reducing malaria morbidity and mortality has been made over the past two decades, with an estimated 2 billion malaria infections prevented and 11.7 million lives saved. The core vector control interventions—insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) and indoor residual spraying (IRS)—have contributed significantly to this progress and are essential tools in the global effort to end malaria faster. However, progress has stalled worldwide amid a myriad of threats such as widespread resistance to pyrethroid insecticides and emerging resistance to other classes of insecticides among mosquito populations.

With the introduction of new vector control products in response to these threats, National Malaria Programs (NMPs) increasingly need to make data-driven decisions at the sub-national level. PMI VectorLink, in collaboration with NMPs, prioritized the importance of integrated data analytics, visualization, and evaluation to help inform vector control decisions and strategies. By partnering with NMPs to conduct impact evaluations using routine data, PMI VectorLink generated the localized evidence needed to support these vector control intervention decisions.

Results from seven evaluations completed under PMI VectorLink found the following key takeaways:

  • Newer IRS and ITN products with non-pyrethroid insecticides were effective at reducing malaria burden and entomological indicators of malaria transmission in settings of confirmed pyrethroid resistance.
  • Dual active ingredient (dual-AI) and piperonylbutoxide (PBO) ITNs had a greater epidemiological impact compared to standard pyrethroid-only ITNs.
  • The impact of IRS may differ significantly by climate related transmission setting and patterns of ITN use.
  • Sustained implementation of IRS over multiple years and higher levels of IRS coverage may provide additional benefits

Results and key takeaways from these seven studies are gathered in a new technical brief, Evaluating the impact of vector control interventions: Results from the PMI VectorLink Project. Read the full brief here.

Read this story in French: Évaluation de l’impact des interventions de lutte contre les vecteurs : résultats du projet PMI VectorLink