The PMI VectorLink Approach to Managing Insecticide Resistance

Managing Insecticide Resistance Starts with Entomological Monitoring & Surveillance Since the launch of the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) in 2006, malaria control interventions across sub-Saharan Africa have scaled up dramatically, resulting in a significant decline in malaria burden. From […]

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PMI VectorLink Study Published in Malaria Journal

The PMI VectorLink manuscript “susceptibility testing of Anopheles malaria vectors with the neonicotinoid insecticide clothianidin; results from 16 African countries, in preparation for indoor residual spraying with new insecticide formulations” was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal, Malaria Journal on August 1, […]

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Gender Success in Ghana

PMI VectorLink Promotes Safety and Inclusion of Women in the Workplace. Warihana Amadu, a native of Gushegu in the Northern Region of Ghana, is a site manager and among many women who have been able to secure leadership positions on […]

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